The Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Style Kitchens

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The first step to every kitchen remodel is nailing down and clearly defining your favorite style. This will help get your project off to a smooth start and shape the direction you, your designer, and your contractor need to go in. If you are into rustic charm with a modern flare, the modern farmhouse kitchen style may be the right one for you.

This unpretentious, earthy style pulls from vintage, old-school, and distressed looks and makes them timeless and inviting. Old easily becomes new by focusing on upcycling and renovating. Read on to learn the Appliance Educator’s take on this popular kitchen style including key elements, color palettes, appliances and fixtures, and finishing touches.

Key Elements

An eclectic mix of textures and finishes helps create a comfortable, lived-in aesthetic. The basics are essentially large countertops with plenty of space, a big-bowled sink, and an open floor plan that was built to accommodate a large crowd. Farmhouse style also includes rustic woods, shiplap, and foliage. Sleek finishes, embellished work, and busy patterns are modern trends you definitely would not see in a modern farmhouse kitchen. The kitchen should feel welcoming and homey, without taking away sophistication and beauty.

Color Palettes


Farmhouse kitchens use crisp, clean, and use simple contrasts to make things pop. This includes cream, white, and black. For a more modern touch and pop of color, look to earthy tones such as sage, fawn, navy, mustard, and light pinks. Colors and textures inspired by nature, farm finds, and vintage looks are what really drive this style home. Stone, khaki, straw, and rustic wood help develop the natural feeling while maintaining the modern appeal.


Appliances and Fixtures

Although farmhouse style nods to a more minimalist feel, it should still have contrast and a feeling of luxury to a certain degree. It focuses on the following appliances and fixtures:

Shaker-Style Cabinetry

This cabinet style has a graceful simplicity that’s well-suited to farmhouse kitchens. They can be easily painted to show the beauty of the grain, or you can replace the inner wooden panel with glass windows to complete a barn-style look. Simple wooden knobs or traditional bin pulls can provide just the right finishing touch.

Open Shelving

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Open shelving or floating shelves are a popular style in many kitchens these days, however, they fit right in with the openness of a farmhouse styled kitchen. They perfectly blend new and old to create a useful and beautiful kitchen aesthetic.

Paneling and Backsplash

Wall paneling is a great way to add texture and character to a simple farmhouse kitchen. Whether it be shiplap, tongue-and-groove, or bead-board, your farmhouse kitchen could truly benefit from this simple addition. Combining one of these with a subway tile backsplash is sure to give yourself a finely detailed and perfectly crafted farmhouse look.

Farmhouse Sink and faucet

A farmhouse styled sink (also known as an apron sink) is one of the most important elements in a true farmhouse kitchen. There are plenty of choices in today’s market when it comes to materials, depth, sizes, and number of bowls. You can find everything you need to know about the various sinks in our guide here. Don’t get too concerned with the faucet, however, you will want to find one with clean lines and a hint of tradition.

Wooden Range Hood

Whether you go for a custom-made wood hood with a range hood insert or purchase a designer wood hood with the motor already intact, this is a crucial piece in completing a modern farmhouse look. Range Hoods are not only beneficial to one’s health, but they are a staple and the true centerpiece of any kitchen. The right one will really bring the kitchen together.

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Defining your kitchen space before your remodel is crucial for a smoother renovation. Today’s kitchens are central to everyday living and entertainment, so a great kitchen can make or break you and your guests’ experience. The farmhouse style can be used throughout virtually any room in the home, so why not start with the kitchen? If you’re into practical simplicity and an open kitchen, we suggest giving the farmhouse look a try. Be sure to stay tuned for our overviews of other kitchen styles!