Types of Refrigerators to Consider

Searching for the perfect fridge can be overwhelming, especially if you are in the midst of a remodel or renovation. Any research on a new appliance should be well-thought out, as all major appliances are purchased for their longevity. Our team at Appliance Educator wants to give you all of the necessary information to make this process an ease. The first step to finding the right fridge is picking out which style that works best for you and your household. It is important to consider all of the variables in this purchase, including your household’s current cooking habits and what would be the most convenient for your everyday interactions in the kitchen. 


Top Freezer Mount Fridge

This type of fridge is the most popular (and oldest) amongst everyday kitchens. There is a freezer component on the top and a larger fridge component on the bottom. There are less features as you would find compared to other style fridges, but that means it is also the more affordable choice. This style is ideal for smaller kitchen spaces and allows for a full swing for both the freezer and fridge section.

Bottom Freezer Mount Fridge

This style fridge is similar to the top mount, but the fridge component is on the top while the freezer component is on the bottom. This allows for an easier access to opening and closing the freezer. However, be weary with drawer freezer components, as many people find it difficult to organize their food. This can be easily combated with additional racks or organization spacers. With the fridge component at a higher level, is it easier to see the content in your fridge.

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 3.35.33 PM.png

Side-by-Side Fridge

This style typically has the freezer component on the left, while the fridge component is on the right. This decreases the size of the fridge space, but also gives you the room to organize your contents in both the freezer and fridge sections with the provided racks. Since the fridges are sectioned in the middle, there is less of a swing when they are opened and closed. Side-by-side fridges have the option to have a water and ice dispenser as well, which to some is considered a necessity!

French Door Fridge

Perhaps the most popular in modern day kitchens, french door fridges typically have two split doors with fridge components on the top and a freezer drawer component on the bottom. This style also has the option for a water and ice dispenser.  Some models have large 30 cu ft components or multiple drawer components. There are even fridges with four swing-doors, allowing you to maximize your freezer space with racks and door bins. With the many added benefits and options, french door fridges are usually the most expensive style fridge you will find. 

Like all major kitchen appliances, you are certainly able to find modernized fridge features from trusted major appliance brands nowadays. You can even purchase a smart fridge with WiFi capabilities! However, it is always a good idea to first pick the general style fridge you would like first, before diving into the different features each brand offers.