Cabinet Storage Ideas to Optimize Kitchen Space

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of having a perfectly organized and clutter-free kitchen. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love reaching into an organized cabinet and finding the bowl you need right where it is supposed to be? Or prepping dinner with clutter-free and clean counter tops? Without the proper amount of storage space, it can get difficult to stay organized and clean in your kitchen. If you’re lacking kitchen storage space but don’t want to put in the amount of money and effort it takes for a full kitchen reno, it’s time to hack those cabinets, drawers, and islands with some space-saving ideas.

Luckily for you, we have the answers to your problems. The Appliance Educator presents to you the many clever and easy DIY ideas for kitchen organization and creating extra storage in your kitchen.


1.     Open Shelves

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 1.34.22 PM.png

Storing stuff in plain sight with open shelving adds a lot of convenience while also sprucing up the aesthetics of your kitchen. Not only does it create storage out of open wall space, but it can add that additional trendiness and style to your kitchen. The only drawback is you have to be comfortable showing off your dishes and keeping them clean, as they will be on display for the whole kitchen to see.


2.     Drawers, Shelves, and Pullouts

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Whether there is room for a walk-in pantry or not, you don’t have to sacrifice any storage space. You can create a fully functioning pantry look-a-like using your standard cabinets by taking advantage of your vertical space. Shelving installed to the doors can easily store condiments and canned goods while various pullouts and drawers can hold snacks, breads, and other bagged essentials. This can be done with cupboards of various shapes and sizes.

3.     Two Words: Lazy Susan

You don’t have to forfeit your corner cabinet space and leave it as deep, wasted space. A Lazy Susan, or a carrousel-style rack that spins, allows easy access to items in the back. This mini merry-go-round makes reaching things 10x faster, and the storage in those oddly-shaped spaces more organized.


4.     Transform Nooks and Crannies

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 2.05.49 PM.png

If you have an empty nook on your kitchen counter, you could easily transform it into an appliance garage. What’s an appliance garage, you ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You can create an additional cabinet space to conceal your kitchen appliances right on your kitchen counter. This will help your counters feel a lot less cluttered and provide the perfect home for your blender, toaster, and other smaller kitchen appliances.


5.     Tension Rods or Wooden Shelves for Spices

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 2.10.29 PM.png

Instead of stuffing all your spices in a cabinet and taking up space that could be better utilized for something else, using drawer space for spices can be far more efficient. Using cheap tension rods or layered wooden shelves to create pseudo shelves for layers creates an organized feel without jeopardizing space.  

These are some of our favorite kitchen hacks for optimizing space, however, there are many more out there to keep your counters clutter-free. Whether whimsical or practical, these DIY’s can be done in just a few hours with a little bit of elbow grease! Cheers to cooking your next meal in a perfectly organized kitchen.