Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen With These Appliances


The ideal summer night includes delicious BBQ, friends, and a beautiful outdoor kitchen to enjoy it in. Of course the essential outdoor appliances are needed such as the BBQ grill, fridge, and sink-but does it feel as if something is missing? Upgrading your kitchen with the addition of unique outdoor appliances will boost the ambience and create a great experience for you and your guests.

If you’re looking for your next big outdoor kitchen appliance purchase, you have come to the right place. We have gathered some of our favorite appliances that will absolutely wow your guests and add convenience when lounging about in your outdoor kitchen!

Outdoor-Approved Range Hood

With the addition of an outdoor-approved range hood, you will be doing yourself a favor when cooking for your guests at your BBQ. Range hoods pull up the smoke, grease, and smell from the grill, making your cooking process that much more of an ease! Pro tip: Ensure you install the range hood above your grill at least 38” so the range hood will function efficiently.

Side Burners

For those that are grilling masters, side burners are the perfect addition for your family cookouts. This allows you to multi-task and keep an eye out on your side dishes that are cooking. Instead of having to run inside and outside of the house using both your BBQ and the stovetop inside, you can have it in all one convenient area. Added convenience is the goal here, and it is well achieved with this small upgrade!

Drink / Beer Fridge

While you’re out enjoying the warm weather, you will certainly work up a sweat (especially if you are in charge of the grill!) With the convenience of a built-in fridge in your outdoor stocked with ice-cold wine and beer, this will surely keep you and your guests happy and hydrated.


Pizza Oven

Looking to add some pizzazz and really get your guests talking? Pizza ovens have been taking over for outdoor kitchen trends. Not only does this oven look great installed, it really lets you show off your outdoor cooking skills. This makes for a fun experience for guests to see an uncommon outdoor appliance being used. The most important part? Beautifully cooked pizza!


Outdoor Heating

To combat colder weather and keep you comfortable, heaters are highly recommend for outdoor kitchens. There are both standing and wall mounted heaters available through major appliance brands. Wall mounted heaters allow the heat to be distributed to the entire backyard patio rather than just a designated spot. For an extra umph and beautiful ambience, the addition of a gas fire pit is great for colder nights and roasting marshmallows with the family!

Additional Entertainment

One of the main reasons of making the choice to install an outdoor kitchen is to entertain yourself, family, and guests at the convenience of your own home. If you love relaxing by the pool but don’t want to miss your favorite show, consider installing a TV in your outdoor kitchen. This is the perfect opportunity to invite people over to catch the big game or have a movie night in with perfect weather! Ensure the TV is installed under shade (for obvious reasons) and ensure the electrical connections are secured in the case of potential weather conditions.

Outdoor kitchens give you the opportunity to have fun with the kitchen appliances and entertainment you decide to install. You can cater to what you and your guests would enjoy in an outdoor entertainment area. It’s all about adding convenience and enhancing experience while relaxing in your outdoor kitchen!