What are the Different Types of Range Hoods?

As kitchen design trends are constantly evolving, range hoods have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury appliance in the kitchen. It is clear as to why: they will only add benefits to your daily cooking regime while giving your kitchen a beautiful upgrade! Range hoods work wonders with removing grease, smoke, heat and food smells from your stovetop as well as illuminate your kitchen while you’re cooking those late night snacks.

There are several different types of range hoods that will work for every kind of kitchen design- both indoor and outdoors! To ease up the process of narrowing down the perfect hood for your kitchen, our team at Appliance Educator has gathered all of the important details for each type.

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Wall Mounted Range Hoods

You guessed it! This range hood is meant to be mounted on a wall over a stovetop. This type of hood is the most common in kitchen designs, simply because ranges and stovetops are typically found on the countertops against a wall. Wall mounted range hoods come with a 3-sided chimney, allowing you to place the electrical connections on the wall inside of the chimney to make for a beautiful finished look. The width of this range hood should be the same width as the stovetop.


Island Mounted Range Hoods

If you prefer your stovetop to be installed in a kitchen island, island mounted range hoods are the perfect appliance pairing. Keep in mind this range hood does diminish the view of the kitchen, so it is often recommended to look for an island range hood with a slimmer profile.

For more in-depth information including hood sizing and CFM requirements for Island Mounted Range Hoods, take a look at our blog: Buyer’s Guide for Island Range Hoods.

Remote Blower Range Hoods

Is the idea of a noisy motor holding you back from purchasing a range hood? Don’t panic – remote blower range hoods are here to save the day! These range hoods are designed to reduce the noise level as much as possible. Rather than the motor being installed internally, it is installed externally in an attic space. Before you purchase, ensure with a professional that the remote blower installation is compatible with your home design.

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Under Cabinet Range Hoods

If you currently have a microwave installed under a cabinet above your range, this the perfect appliance to give your kitchen an upgrade. This is meant to be mounted underneath a set of kitchen cabinets. These range hoods often have a slimmer profile since there is still a minimum requirement of 30”

Outdoor Range Hoods

To complete the perfect outdoor kitchen, outdoor-approved range hoods are available through many major appliance brands. The difference between indoor and outdoor range hoods is simply the material the stainless steel is made out of. Outdoor range hoods have a sturdier and thicker material that is weather-resistant and prevents from rusting. If you’re thinking of installing a hood over your Weber Grill, limit your search to only outdoor-approved range hoods.

Ductless Range Hoods

For those that do not have the option to vent your range hood outside, this is a great option to allow you to still use this beneficial appliance. Ductless or “recirculating” hoods are designed to have charcoal filters installed on the interior motor. The filters then purify the air that is pulled up from the range hood and pushes it back into the kitchen through small vent slots located on the chimney. Ensure you check with the manufacturer regarding how often you need to change out the filters, but it is typically every 3-6 months depending on your cooking habits.

Range Hood Inserts

Custom and concealed range hoods are a huge trend in kitchen design, so a range hood insert may be exactly what your kitchen is needing! Inserts are either mounted inside of a custom range hood or kitchen cabinets, allowing you to achieve the look of a “concealed” hood. This is a great opportunity for designers and home owners alike to let their creativity shine with their kitchen designs.

Whether you’re thinking about upgrading your appliances or are planning a remodel, make sure a range hood is on the top of your list! There is a wide range of beautiful and affordable range hoods by reliable major appliance brands. Range hoods are available in almost every shape and form imaginable that you will surely find the perfect hood for you!

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